Cultural Exchanges: 'Forlorn' in Germany...

To celebrate 50 years of partnership between County Durham and the city of Tübingen in Germany, University of Sunderland graduate Chris Younger has been invited to participate in a photographic exhibition exchange. Throughout July and August, Younger’s photographic exhibition, 'Forlorn', will be on display in the Cultural Hall in the centre of Tübingen, home of one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Germany. Younger has been partnered with local Tübingen photographer Steffen Sixt who’s work was exhibited in Durham in June. The photographers were chosen due to the similar themes and imagery of their work, both of which are concerned with human intervention in nature as well as disintegration and renewal in post-industrial landscapes. 

This marks Younger’s second international exhibition since graduating with a Masters in Photography in 2017. ‘The Clearing’ also featured on the salon is permanently installed at the Martin Heidegger Museum in Meßkirch, Germany.